Now you can easily avoid the waiting time or usually we say time limit when you
download as a free user from the file sharing services such as rapidshare, megaupload, deposifiles, hotfile etc.

Normally you have to wait for 20-60 seconds to download the second file after downloading the first one. They implement ways to invite users to
purchase a premium service. But this way of limiting Free download limit and asking free users to wait for long
time to start another download can be annoying one.
Skipscreen is an extension to browser to bypass waiting time on download.
Unfortunately it can only be used
with Firefox browsers to avoid
waiting time while downloading
files from some popular File hosting services like:



Its use is very simple and does not
require any configuration, just go to the addon page of the extension and install it, restart your browser and enter one of these download sites
and you will no longer have to wait.

Download Skip Screen Firefox

Alternative Methods or Hacks to
Beat Rapidshare Download Limits
and Waiting Time..

Method 1: Using Java Script:
1. Go to the page you want to download
2. Select FREE button
3. In the address bar put the following: javascript:alert(c=0)
4. Click OK
5. Click OK to the pop-up box
6. Enter the captcha
7. Download Your File

Method 2: Request a new IP address from your ISP server
Here’s how to do it in windows:

1. Click Start
2. Click run
3. In the run box type cmd.exe and click OK
4. When the command prompt
opens type the following.
ENTER after each new line.
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew


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